Zsuzsa Sztruhár

(Tatabánya, Hungary, 1986.06.29)

My name is Zsuzsa Sztruhár and I am a hungarian fine artist and composer. I originally took a degree as a painter at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts (Budapest), in 2011. Since then I have been creating audiovisual installations, kinetic music sculptures and interactive sound instruments which I call ‘Music (or Melody) machines’. In 2014 I became admitted to the doctorate course of the University of Fine Arts, where my research field and subject became these music machines and instruments and the connection, transition and translation possibilities and interfaces of music and fine arts. In 2020 I completed my dissertation and graduation with summa cum laude.

In 2016 I gained Erasmus scolarship which I spent in Venice, Italy, where I lived from 2017 to 2019. During this time I was engaged in composing music, and I wrote a 250 pages partiture with more than 60 pieces for piano. In Venice I sometimes used to play parts of this music on pianos at public places. The 3-volume music piece is a collection of etudes and valses, which all together form a spiritual composition which relates the calvary of the soul accross a spiritual journey of life, much like the Tarot describes the way of the soul. When I am invited to play or give a concert, I play parts of this composition.

Video documentation of my works can also be seen at: 

2020. dec. Sussessful defense of doctoral thesis – attainment of DLA (PhD) degree (summa cum laude)
2017-2018 Accademia di Belli Arti, Venice, (Italy) (as part of postgraduate Erasmus scholarship)
2014- 2017 DLA – doctorate of liberal arts, Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Supervisor: Eszter Radák

2006-2011 Hungarian University of Fine Arts – department painting, Budapest

masters: Árpád Szabados, Péter Kiss, Imre Bukta
2 MA degree in Painting and as Professor of Fine Arts,

2010 Erasmus scholarship – Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, (Spain), Facultad de Bellas Artes
2001-2006 Eötvös József Secondary Grammar School (bilingual English course), Tata
2022. oct. Design Without Borders Exhibition – collective international exhibition of designers and artists,

Kiscelli Museum, Budapest

2021. jan. Derkó’20 – Online exhibition of the winners of Derkovits – award
2020. jún. Art and Game – collective exhibition of young contemporary artists, MANK Gallery, Szentendre
2020. febr. Derkó 2020

Exhibition of the winners of Derkovits – award Kunsthalle (Műcsarnok), Budapest

2019. nov. Waves and Harmonies – solo exhibition
Fasor Evangelic Community Hall, Budapest

2019. okt. Passageway – Exhibition of the Hermina – collective (of musicians and fine artists)

HUFA, Barcsay Hall, Budapest

2019. jan. Double system – Exhibition of the Hermina -collective (as part of Transparent Sound Festival)

MaMű Gallery, Budapest

2018. okt. GAMEOMETRY – Vasarely Museum, Budapest
2016. oct. DLADLA100 – Selection of the works of DLA students of HUFA, reflecting and commemorating

the 100 years anniversary of the DADA movement,
Barcsay Hall, HUFA, Budapest

2016. sept. Bartók# – commemorative exhibition dedicated to Béla Bartók
(selection of works of contemporary artist commemorating Béla Bartók)
Ludwig Museum, Budapest

2016. jan. Visible Sound (In Transparent Sound Festival) Group

exhibition of fine artists and composers, Hermina Gallery, Budapest

2015. febr. Exercise exhibition of Polish and Hungarian artists,
Platan Gallery, Polish Institute in Budapest

2014. jun. SZINKRON exhibition of 3 young artists, Flux Gallery, Budapest
2013. aug. Barlang Grotta exhibition of young contemporary artists

Castle of Tata (Hungary)
2013. febr. F & F` Exhibition of Young painters

Klebelsberg Kuno Culture and Art Centre, Budapest

2011. sept. Group exhibition of old students
Community Centre, Tata (Hungary)

2011. nov-dec. VII. Autumn Contemporary Arts Festival, Solo exhibition
Erkel Ferenc Conservatoire – Ceremonial hall
2011. jun. Exhibition of final works (diploma)
University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2010. jun. Annual group exhibition of sculpture course ‘constructions of metal’

(master: Ricardo Pérez Bochons)
University of Valencia, Campus

2010. feb. Group exhibition of competitors for Ludwig Prize
Barcsay hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2008. apr. Group exhibition of competitors for Amadeus Award
Barcsay hall, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

2006-2010. jun. Annual exhibitions of students of HUFA
Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2008. okt. Old Students

Ceremonial hall of Kőkúti Primary School, Tata
2008. febr Group exhibition of local young artist

Community Centre, Tata


2020 – Art Limes – Artists in the town of Tata nowadays – ( edited by Jenő Virág and Tibor Wehner)

2019 GAMEOMETRY Catalogue

2016 DLADLA100 Catalogue

2011 Amadeus Catalogue

Publication of diploma works of graduates
of Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2013 Catalogue of Exhibition of Young Painters,
Klebelsberg Kuno Culture and Art Centre, Budapest

2013 Catalogue of `Barlang Grotta` exhibition

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